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Within the data-based individualization (DBI) process, educators often have an overall sense of student needs, but it is important to use data to develop a hypothesis for why the student has not yet made sufficient progress. Diagnostic data can help make this process more systematic by providing the information necessary to develop a hypothesis that is accurate, specific, and actionable.

Author: National Center on Intensive Interventions

This document from Helen Keller Services provides considerations, resources, and accommodation strategies to ensure video conferencing is accessible to individuals who are Deafblind.  ​​​​​​​

Author: Helen Keller Services (HKS)

This web resource from Helen Keller Services  offers communication tips, accommodations suggestions, and other strategies to include individuals who are DeafBlind in the workplace.

Author: Helen Keller Services (HKS)

Helen Keller National Center offers online learning tools and information as a resource to DeafBlind individuals and the people who work with them.

Author: Helen Keller Services

In this video learn about Don Whittecar Copperplate Engraving - Learn  about Don's self-employment journey as one of only eight wildlife art engravers currently practicing worldwide and how Vocational Rehabilitation Services assisted him in the process of becoming an internationally recognized wildlife photographer and artist.

Author: National Center on Self-Employment, Business Ownership, and Telecommuting

In this video learn about Matt Beth's employment journey. In 2016 Matt  sustained a traumatic brain injury after falling from the roof of a building. Matt acquired several physical disabilities, including an inability to speak, walk and use the left side of his body.  Matt was connected to Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) and returned to school at Auburn University.

Author: Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS)

Highline Warren in Council Bluffs, Iowa partnered with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services to diversify their workforce. After participating in disability sensitivity training and having IVRS staff spend time at the facility, IVRS counselors were able to recommend some amazing applicants for the careers.

Author: Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Learn about Tim's employment journey from a high school student to a high school teacher. Learn about how Vocational Rehabilitation helped him on his employment journey. 

Author: Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation 

This video providers communication tips when working with individuals who are Deaf. 

Author: Florida Vocational Rehabilitation (Florida VR)

This video serves as an introduction for service providers, VR counselors, or others who work with people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or DeafBlind. 

Author: Florida Vocational Rehabilitation (Florida VR)