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This booklet was created as a part of AIVRTTAC and RSA's participation in Native American heritage
month. The booklet gives an overview of AIVRTTAC and AIVRS projects and promotes conversation
about the history of American Indian VR Services. This booklet includes a brief historical recap of AIVRS


Native Americans and Vocational Rehabilitation

When working with people from a culture not your own, it can be difficult to know how to best serve them in their quest to find a job. As a culturally responsive VR counselor or employment service provider, learning about a group can give you a foundation of understanding to build a relationship.

Author: VRTAC-QE

This presenter guide is a set of resources for conducting a 1-hour professional development on teaching self-determination to students with disabilities. We welcome your feedback on their use. The PowerPoint cannot be edited to maintain the accuracy of the resources.

Author: NTACT:C

Project CLIMB focuses on the delivery of educational opportunities for minority group interpreters, within communities of practice created by a critical mass of interpreters who share similar backgrounds.

Author: University of Northern Colorado - Project CLIMB

For the policy study, researchers gathered and summarized self-employment policies from 73 state VR agencies representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Author: National Center on Self-Employment, Business Ownership, and Telecommuting

This resource offers a variety of videos from self-advocates sharing their experiences in many areas, including: communication, voting, employment, ADA, supports, and more. 

Author: Self-Advocacy Online

This resource helps individuals with disabilities consider employment options. 

Author: Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center

This podcast features a panel discussion from an employer perspective on challenges and successes in acquiring and maintaining employment. National labor market trends and practices are shared as well as challenges businesses face with hiring and job retention.

Author: Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center (DETAC)

This is a resource for individuals who have experienced a brain injury and want to continue or pursue work. This information brief provides resources to assist individuals with brain injuries to seek, find, obtain, and retain employment. 

Author: Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center (DETAC)

The LGBTQ+ and Disability series was created by the Center for Innovative Training in Vocational Rehabilitation (CIT-VR) as part of the Innovation Training Program to increase knowledge and skills of VR professionals and paraprofessionals to create inclusive environments for the job seekers they serve who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, with the ultimate goals of increasing active particip

Author: Center for Innovative Training in Vocational Rehabilitation (CIT-VR)