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RSA and TA Events

This section contains upcoming, archived and on-demand events that pertain to RSA and their technical assistance centers’ events. On-demand events are pre-recorded webinars that can be accessed at any time.

On Demand

Host Title
CATIE Center Specialized Interpreting: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
CALI Unfolding Scenarios Videos
RSA & WINTAC Training for Transition to the Common Performance Accountability System: Case Service Report (RSA-911) Training Series
CATIE Center Intro to Deaf/Hearing Teams in Behavioral Health Interpreting
Oregon VR A Little Bit About Motivational Interviewing
CATIE Center Intersectionality in Behavioral Health Interpreting
RSA Innovative Rehabilitation Training Pre-Application Webinar
RSA Rehabilitation Long-Term Training Pre-Application Webinar
RSA American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) Pre-Application Webinar
CATIE Center June 2019 Webshop - Specialized Interpreting: Trauma-Informed Approach
RSA Braille Training Program Pre-Application Webinar
RSA General Information for RSA Discretionary Grant Competitions
WINTAC WINTAC Pre-Employment Transition Services Topic Area Update
WINTAC The IRT and WIOA: The Strategy and Its Relevance
NCRTM Checking Documents for Accessibility
WINTAC WIOA, Career Pathways, and Pre-Employment Transition Services Webinar
WINTAC WIOA & IDEA Performance: Transition Planning & Aligning Outcomes
WINTAC Overview of Pre-Employment Transition Services
WINTAC Using Pre-Employment Transition Services Online Modules
RSA WIOA Annual Report Demo
WINTAC WIOA Performance RSA-911 Data Webinar
RSA Prior Approval for Grant Activities and Expenditures for RSA Formula Grant Awards
WINTAC On the Right Track Part 2 State Strategies: Tracking & Reporting Pre-Employment Transition Services
WINTAC On the Right Track Part 1: Tracking & Reporting Pre-Employment Transition Services
WINTAC Moving from Required to Authorized Pre-Employment Transition Services- 1/17/18
RSA WIOA Performance Accountability for Vocational Rehabilitation Programs - 8/23/17
RSA Technical Assistance Audio Program on Pre-Employment Transition Services Expenditures - 8/7/17
RSA Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities - 3/10/17
RSA The New RSA-911 Changes Resulting from WIOA - 2/21/17
RSA 84.421B Evaluation Training: Designing Project Evaluations to Meet What Works Clearinghouse Standards - 11/17/16
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Archived Live Events

Date Host Title
11/7/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: Family Engagement: Effective Connection with Hard-to-Connect Families
10/31/2019 NCRE, RSA, & CSAVR Fall 2019 NCRE/RSA/CSAVR National Rehabilitation Education Conference Overview
10/30/2019 NCSAB 2019 Fall Conference (NCSAB)
10/26/2019 CSAVR Fall 2019 Conference (CSAVR)
10/24/2019 Project E3TC Lessons Learned from Wisconsin PROMISE: A Focused Look at Improving Employment Outcomes for Youth Receiving SSI
10/23/2019 NTACT Mid-Year Cadre Meeting
10/22/2019 Y-TAC One in Five: Providing Support & Building Resiliency
10/16/2019 NTACT Classroom Supports: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction - Part 3 of the CTE Webinar Series
10/15/2019 NCRTM Advice from the Trenches: Senior VR Counselors Share Their Wisdom and Perspectives - Webinar 3: Employment Transition Services
10/10/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: Innovations in Visual Supports Interventions
9/26/2019 E3TC Supporting Beneficiaries to Take the Next Step Toward Employment
9/24/2019 NCRTM Advice from the Trenches: Senior VR Counselors Share Their Wisdom and Perspectives - Webinar 2
9/19/2019 NTACT Effective Partnerships: Communication, Collaboration, and Professional Practice - Part 2 of the CTE Webinar Series
9/19/2019 Y-TAC Providing Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Supports Just-In-Time: An Introduction to the SSDI and Medicare Youth Toolkit
9/17/2019 Y-TAC Providing Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Supports Just-In-Time: An Introduction to the SSI Youth Toolkit
9/12/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: Transition Considerations for Youth with Complex Support Needs
9/4/2019 PEQA/Summit Group 12th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence
8/29/2019 NTACT CTE for Students with Disabilities: A Framework for Understanding - Part 1 of the CTE Webinar Series
8/22/2019 E3TC Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Work
8/19/2019 NTACT LERN - Response Prompting for Employment
8/8/2019 Y-TAC Motivational Interviewing with Youth in the VR Setting
8/6/2019 Y-TAC Applying Trauma-Informed Practices to Work with Youth in the VR Setting
8/1/2019 CATIE Center Specialized Interpreting: Addiction and Recovery
7/25/2019 E3TC Understanding the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program
7/18/2019 NTACT Overview of Labor Laws and Employment Related Issues
7/1/2019 CATIE Center July 2019 WebShop - Specialized Interpreting: Mental Health
6/27/2019 E3TC Title II Disability Benefits and Work
6/26/2019 PEQA RSA 911 Data, Common Performance Measures, Program Evaluation, and Quality Assurance
6/20/2019 NTACT Everyone Can Work! Paid Work Experiences for Students with Disabilities
6/18/2019 NCRTM Advice from the Trenches: Senior VR Counselors Share Their Wisdom and Perspectives. CoP Kick-Off Webinar
5/30/2019 Y-TAC All Youth Working: A Forum on Engagement and Inclusion
5/23/2019 E3TC Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefit Programs
5/16/2019 NCRTM Searching for Staff Development and Self-Study Training Resources? Highlighting Freely Available Training and TA Resources in the NCRTM
5/15/2019 WorkforceGPS Workforce Innovation Cohort on Disability and Employment
4/25/2019 E3TC The Problem of Unemployment among Social Security Disability Beneficiaries
4/24/2019 OSERS Improving the Trajectories for Youth with Disabilities and Families Living in Poverty
4/18/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: Unique Transition Issues for Youth with TBI
4/16/2019 NCRE NCRE Spring 2019 Conference
4/11/2019 Mathematica Improving Transition Outcomes for Youth SSI Recipients: Early Findings from the PROMISE Evaluation
4/10/2019 NCSAB 2019 NCSAB Spring Conference: Keeping it Real-Blind Services Matter
4/8/2019 NTACT LERN - Video Modeling April 2019
4/6/2019 CSAVR CSAVR Spring 2019 Conference
4/1/2019 Y-TAC Establishing Interagency Partnerships: Framework & Examples
3/28/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: Local CTE Collaboration
3/28/2019 E3TC Work Incentive Planning Services
3/27/2019 PEQA Program Evaluation & Quality Assurance: Overview, Key Elements, Challenges, Benefits, and Lessons Learned
3/17/2019 NTACT LERN - Video Modeling Intro March 2019
3/14/2019 NTACT NTACT Tool Alert: Transition Gradebook is Released
3/13/2019 WINTAC Introduction to WIOA Performance
2/28/2019 Y-TAC Serving Out-of-School Youth for VR Professionals: Outreach, Engagement, and Support
2/28/2019 E3TC Strategies for Effective Rural VR Service Delivery
2/27/2019 Y-TAC WIOA Title I for VR Professionals: Shared Goals and Potentials for Partnership
2/21/2019 NTACT Ask the Expert: CIRCLES-Communicating Interagency Relationships and Collaborative Linkages for Exceptional Students
2/14/2019 NTACT Using Post-School Outcome (PSO) and Career & Technical Education (CTE) Data to Address Student Outcomes
2/6/2019 WorkforceGPS WIOA Joint Data Validation Overview
1/31/2019 E3TC ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts
1/31/2019 PEQA Measure Twice, Cut Once: Analyzing Administrative Data to Understand Pre-employment Transition Services
1/29/2019 E3TC Career Development & Employment Research in Rehabilitation
12/14/2018 Y-TAC Learning from the SSI Youth Field: Lessons from State PROMISE Projects
12/13/2018 NTACT Culturally Responsive Practices for Youth and Young Adults with and At Risk for Disabilities
12/6/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Social Capital for Young Job Seekers
12/4/2018 Y-TAC Providing Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Supports Just-In-Time
11/29/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Employment Strategies & Supports for Youth with ASD
11/27/2018 Y-TAC Approaches to Building State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Benefits and Work Incentives Planning Capacities
11/16/2018 E3TC Poverty and Disability: An Overview
11/15/2018 NTACT Family Engagement Strategies for Educators, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors, Human Service, and Health Agencies Staff
11/1/2018 NTACT Transition Coalition Self-Study: What's it all about?
10/31/2018 NCSAB NCSAB 2018 Fall Conference
10/27/2018 CSAVR CSAVR Fall 2018 Conference
10/25/2018 NCRE, RSA, & CSAVR Fall 2018 NCRE/RSA/CSAVR National Rehabilitation Education Conference
10/18/2018 NTACT Resources for Special Educators and VR Counselors in Service Provision for Youth and Young Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
10/4/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Academic Strategies for Youth with ASD
10/2/2018 WINTAC Using Pre-Employment Transition Services Online Modules
9/27/2018 JD-VRTAC Moving Forward: Building and Leading a Business Relations Unit
9/27/2018 NCRTM & Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Exploring Relevant Motivational Interviewing Training Materials for Vocational Rehabilitation Settings
9/26/2018 Y-TAC Supporting and Serving Youth in the Foster Care System
9/20/2018 NTACT Secondary Transition 101: What You Need to Know if You Are A First Year Secondary Teacher, VR Counselor, or Want To Assess Your Transition Practices
9/20/2018 Y-TAC Supporting and Serving Youth with Significant Disabilities
9/18/2018 WINTAC Assessing WIOA Service Integration: The Integration Continuum
9/18/2018 JD-VRTAC Improving Business Engagement and Consumer Outcomes through Redesign of Maine’s Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) System
9/5/2018 JD-VRTAC A Dual-Customer Approach: Increasing business services partnerships and systematically using LMI for high quality employment outcomes
9/4/2018 Summit, PEQA & WINTAC 11th Annual Summit On Performance Management Excellence
8/30/2018 JD-VRTAC Change Leads to Success: Sector-Driven Customized Training Solutions
8/20/2018 CSAVR & RSA CSAVR Fiscal Conference in Collaboration with RSA
8/16/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Pre-ETS Overview and State/Local Implementation in Oregon
8/9/2018 NTACT Pre-Employment Transition Services in Inclusive Higher Education Settings: The What, Where, and How of Good Collaboration
8/2/2018 WINTAC and LEAD Career Pathways: Introducing entrepreneurship and small business concepts for youth with disabilities
7/31/2018 WINTAC Order of Selection and Promising Practices
7/25/2018 JD-VRTAC Building Business Engagement Efforts: Oregon Commission for the Blind’s Journey to Increasing Partnerships between Agency Staff, CRPs and Employers
7/24/2018 JD-VRTAC Business Engagement: Collaboration + Creativity = Cohesion
7/17/2018 Y-TAC WIOA Webinar Series Part 3: Section 511 Limitations on the Use of Subminimum Wages
6/28/2018 WINTAC WINTAC: Overview of Topic Areas and Available Supports to SVRAs
6/26/2018 WINTAC Braiding Funding for Supported Employment Services
6/21/2018 NTACT A Cross-Walk of Resources for Implementation of the Five Pre-ETS Priority Areas
6/21/2018 Y-TAC WIOA Webinar Series Part 2: Pre-ETS and Transition Services
6/14/2018 JD-VRTAC Job-Driven Strategies for Serving Individuals Who Are Blind/Visually Impaired: A Forum for Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
6/12/2018 Y-TAC WIOA Webinar Series Part 1: WIOA Section 404 Definitions
6/6/2018 NCRTM How is the NCRTM Useful and Relevant to VR Agencies? 2nd Session
5/24/2018 WINTAC WIOA and Competitive Integrated Employment: Evaluating Employment Positions
5/15/2018 WINTAC Apprenticeship Strategies with Vocational Rehabilitation
5/15/2018 NTACT NTACT's 12th Annual Capacity Building Institute
5/10/2018 NCRTM How is the NCRTM Useful and Relevant to VR Agencies?
4/30/2018 WINTAC Achieving 188 Compliance & AJC Certification: Key Strategies & Actions from Policy to Procedures
4/26/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: I'm Determined Website Tour
4/23/2018 WINTAC Building Employment Opportunity through Inclusive Career Pathways
4/17/2018 RSA NCRTM: 84.421B Community’s Place to Share and Learn
4/11/2018 NCSAB NCSAB 2018 Spring Conference
4/7/2018 CSAVR CSAVR Spring 2018 Conference
4/5/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Video Modeling for Employment
3/22/2018 ICI Expanding the Dialogue on Autism: Reflections on Research & Real Life: Community Life Engagement
3/22/2018 JD-VRTAC Expanding the Dialogue on Autism: Reflections on Research & Real Life in Employment
3/21/2018 PEQA Demonstration of the NEW Online VR Program Evaluation Tool
3/21/2018 WINTAC State Workforce Systems that Are Making Equal Opportunity a Priority: Missouri, Virginia, California
3/14/2018 JD-VRTAC Inclusive Work-Based Learning Forum: On the Job Training, Apprenticeships, and Beyond
3/13/2018 The National Council on Rehabilitation Education NCRE Spring 2018 Conference
3/13/2018 WINTAC Career Services in the American Job Center
3/8/2018 NTACT Collaborative Initiatives Across Career and Technical Education, Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education: Three State/Local Stories
3/7/2018 WINTAC WIOA from a Disability Perspective & Section 188: A Powerful Foundation for Access
3/1/2018 NCRTM NCRTM Stakeholder Feedback Webinar
2/22/2018 NTACT Ask the Expert: Employment for Youth with Autism: Keys to Success
2/21/2018 JD-VRTAC Key First Steps for Connecting with Registered Apprenticeship Programs
2/15/2018 NTACT Need Evidence-based Practices for Secondary Transition and Pre-ETS Implementation
1/25/2018 Explore VR Pre-apprenticeship Programs: A Model for Skill Enhancement with Strong Employment Connections
1/22/2018 The CATIE Center Behavioral Health Behavioral Health Interpreting: Specialty Training for Building New Competences for Sign Language Interpreters
1/18/2018 NCRTM NCRTM: Your Trusted Source for Reliable and Accessible Rehabilitation Information
1/11/2018 NTACT Engaging Families and Elevating Expectations: A Focus on Employment
1/10/2018 JD-VRTAC Vision Works Consortium: Collaboration to Outcomes
12/21/2017 JD-VRTAC Using LMI to Improve Client Employment Outcomes: Connecticut BESB's JD-VRTAC Project
12/14/2017 NTACT Lessons Learned from Three Re-entry Programs for Young Offenders with Disabilities
12/12/2017 WINTAC and Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) Career Pathways: A Roadmap for Innovation and Integration
12/5/2017 WINTAC Career Pathways in the Job Center
11/14/2017 WINTAC Using Performance Measures for Continuous Improvement -- Part II
11/11/2017 CSAVR CSAVR Fall 2017 Conference
11/9/2017 Delaware DVR (DDVR) Developing Career Pathways for VR Clients: Delaware DVR's Job-Driven Project
10/26/2017 NCRE, CSAVR, RSA Fall 2017 NCRE/RSA/CSAVR National Rehabilitation Education Conference
10/19/2017 NTACT NTACT Evidence-Based Practices, Tools, and Resources to Support Academic Engagement for Secondary Students with Disabilities
9/26/2017 JD-VRTAC New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Business Engagement: Success, Setbacks, & Lessons Learned
9/21/2017 NTACT Ask the Experts: Student Engagement Strategies
9/12/2017 WINTAC Using Performance Measures for Continuous Improvement -- Part I (Repeat)
9/7/2017 NTACT Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Graduation Rates and Decreasing Dropout Rates for Students with Disabilities in Pennsylvania
9/5/2017 PEQATAC Summit Conference 2017, 9/5/17 - 9/7/17
8/23/2017 JD-VRTAC Building Blocks of Registered Apprenticeship (RA): A Deep Dive into RA Implementation
8/10/2017 NTACT and Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on VR Practices and Youth. Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for Students Participating in a Model Seamless Transition Program
8/10/2017 NTACT Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for Students Participating in a Model Seamless Transition Program - Webinar
8/2/2017 JDVRTAC JD-VRTAC and Demand-Side RRTC National Conference Meeting Employer Demand in a Job-Driven Economy: Diversity, Inclusion, and VR's Evolving Role
8/1/2017 WINTAC WINTAC Live Training: Internal Controls
7/25/2017 WINTAC Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Definition of Competitive Integrated Employment: Applying the Law to Front-line Decisions
7/19/2017 JDVRTAC, Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services The JDVRTAC Project in Illinois: "We're on a Mission"!
7/18/2017 WINTAC Shared Case Management
7/8/2017 NTACT Career Counseling for Students with Significant Disabilities: Strategies for Success
7/6/2017 JD-VRTAC Customized Employment: Exploring Opportunities with a Dual Customer Approach
6/6/2017 WINTAC Intro to Common Performance Measures and 911 (Repeat)
5/16/2017 WINTAC Customer Centered Design and Common Service Flow
5/7/2017 WINTAC Webinar Invitation: Pre-Employment Transition Services: SEA Formal Interagency Agreement Webinar
4/26/2017 JD-VRTAC Job-Driven Webinar on Customized Training
4/18/2017 WINTAC Staff Evaluation Approaches to Align with Changes in Common Performance Measures
3/21/2017 WINTAC The Career Index Plus: Advanced Uses for Counselors and Clients in the Workforce Development System (Part 4 of 4)
3/16/2017 NCRTM Building a Business Case for Accessibility in Your Organization
3/15/2017 RSA The Do’s and Don’ts of Administering ED Grants: Tools & Resources in Practice
3/14/2017 WINTAC The Integration Continuum – Where Are You Now? Part 2
3/7/2017 WINTAC Data Sharing Practices Between Agencies
2/28/2017 WINTAC Implementing WIOA: VR Leadership as a Core Partner
2/23/2017 NCRTM Universal Design for Learning = Access for All
2/21/2017 WINTAC The Career Index Plus: Getting Started with Labor Market Information (Part 3 of 4)
2/15/2017 WINTAC Understanding Waivers (Competitive Integrated Employment)
2/14/2017 WINTAC The Integration Continuum -- Where Are You Now? Part 1
2/7/2017 WINTAC The Career Index Plus: Getting Started with Labor Market Information (Part 2 of 4)
2/1/2017 RSA Overview and Discussion of Federal Regulations on Services to Business
1/31/2017 WINTAC The Career Index Plus: Navigating and Utilizing a Comprehensive Online Labor Market Information System (Part 1 of 4)
1/26/2017 RSA Joint Performance Accountability Overview
1/1/2017 NCRTM TEST - TEST
11/16/2016 WINTAC Transitioning to the Common Performance Measures
11/9/2016 WINTAC Service Improvement and the Common Performance Measures
11/5/2016 CSAVR Fall 2016 CSAVR Conference
10/13/2016 NTACT Creating Working Relationships for Parents, Schools, and VR: Two Grassroots Examples
10/4/2016 JDVRTAC Integrating Labor Market Information and Engaging Employers to Hire Minors: An Overview of PA OVR’s Completed JD-VRTAC Project
9/27/2016 RSA RSA Regional Meeting 3
9/22/2016 JDVRTAC RA 101: Introduction to Registered Apprenticeships for VR Professionals
9/15/2016 RSA RSA 911: Introduction to Data Collection and Reporting Requirements
9/7/2016 RSA RSA Regional Meeting 2
8/9/2016 RSA Regional Meeting 1
6/24/2016 Webinar: A Snapshot of Youth-Focused Technical Assistance Centers
5/3/2016 ExploreVR Labor Market Information (LMI) for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Leadership in the Age of WIOA: A View from the Top
2/17/2016 KTDRR Creating Career Pathways for Youth with Mental Health Conditions
12/15/2015 ExploreVR Introduction to Labor Market Information (LMI) in a Job-Driven Economy
11/12/2015 RSA Vocational Rehabilitation Services Portion Refresher Training on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program Year 2020 Unified and Combined State Plan: RSA Technical Assistance Series
10/14/2015 It's Payback Time: What You Need to Know to Submit Your FY2015 Payback Report
8/20/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center: Targeted Communities Program (CFDA 84.264F)
8/18/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for the Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (CFDA 84.264G)
8/13/2015 Pre-Application Webinar - Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities Model Demonstration Program (CFDA 84.235N)
8/5/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for 84.421A Disability Innovation Fund - Automation Personalization Computing Project
7/30/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for the American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services--Training and Technical Assistance program (CFDA 84.250Z)
7/9/2015 Proposed Priority for Workforce Innovation and Technical Assistance Center - July 9
7/8/2015 Proposed Priority for Workforce Innovation and Technical Assistance Center - July 8
6/9/2015 NPRM American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program Webinar
6/4/2015 Webinar on Section 508 Basic Authoring and Testing Guide MS Word 2010
3/12/2015 What You Need to Know to Submit a Successful FY15 Annual Performance Report Webinar
2/25/2015 ExploreVR Labor Market Information and VR Career Counseling
1/22/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for CFDA 84.315C Capacity Building for Traditionally Underserved Populations
1/15/2015 Pre-Application Webinar for CFDA 84.129B Rehabilitation Long-Term Training Program
10/22/2014 Rehabilitation Long-Term Training Program: Preparing the Annual Payback Report
10/7/2014 New FY 2015 Vocational Rehabilitation and Supported Employment Grant Award Attachments
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