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Implementing Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Graduation Rates and Decreasing Dropout Rates for Students with Disabilities in Pennsylvania - 9/7/2017

Schools in Pennsylvania are working to increase the graduation rate and decrease the dropout rate for students with disabilities by utilizing a State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP).  Participants will learn about Evidence-Based Practices to increase graduation rates, and how to work with stakeholders to design and implement a statewide plan at the local level.  Participants will also learn about the phases for identifying students with disabilities who are off-track for graduation. The five phases include:  1) establishing a local leadership team and an Early Warning System (EWS); 2) analyzing attendance, behavior, and course performance data; 3) identifying target areas for interventions for students who are off-track; 4) developing an action plan; and 5) implementing and monitoring an evaluation plan.

Presenters will be:  Dr. Victor Rodríguez-Díaz and Dr. Laura Moran.

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