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Inclusive Housing Webinar Series: Part 2 – Building Partnerships to Create Affordable, Inclusive Housing and Community Engagement - 7/7/2022

About this Event:

It took a village to create Main Street, an affordable, inclusive housing and membership-based community in Rockville, MD, that opened in 2020. Founder Jillian Copeland will share Main Street’s story of bringing together people with disabilities, families, government (city, county and state), donors, academics, private entities and other community stakeholders to develop a housing model that offers community, affordability, inclusivity, accessibility and choice.

The webinar will discuss how public/private partnerships can produce innovative and localized approaches for expanding integrated housing and community connection for people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. University of Maryland researchers will highlight the need for further research to advance policy and development of inclusive communities and independent living opportunities for adults with disabilities.

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