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Addressing the Needs of Youth with Disabilities and Other Intersecting Identities - 5/24/2022

Youth and young adults with disabilities (Y&YADs) are complex, multi-faceted, and diverse, in terms of disability type, racial and ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and involvement in other systems such as juvenile justice and foster care. “Intersectionality” refers to how these various identities overlap in ways that can be empowering or oppressive. Y&YADs with intersecting identities can face numerous barriers (e.g., additional workplace discrimination) as well as possess protective factors (e.g., strong support from their communities) that can affect their potential for successful employment. This webinar will provide an overview of approaches states can take to design and implement programs that address the employment needs of Y&YADs with intersecting identities and leverage their unique strengths. It will also feature speakers from four initiatives who will discuss their efforts to serve different populations of Y&YADs.

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