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Subminimum Wage: Accessing Fair Wages Webinar - 5/13/2022

About this Event:

This training explores systems change undertaken by states, institutions, and communities as they transition from dependence on subminimum wage (14c Certificates) to competitive integrated employment (CIE).  Current barriers and innovative policies and approaches toward building a sustainable future where everyone has an opportunity to benefit from full community participation through CIE are examined.

Learning Objectives:

·         Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

·         Understand key local, state, and national policies impacting subminimum wage.

·         Identify research-based interventions needed to shift from subminimum wage models to CIE at state and national levels.

·         Identify approaches to personnel preparation needed to equip practitioners with tools needed to shift from subminimum wage to CIE

·         Recall the lived experience and perspectives of an individual with a disability and family member regarding the impact of CIE on their lives.

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