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Pathway to Success: Life and Entrepreneurship as an Individual with a Disability - 4/26/2022

This session will feature author, painter, and public speaker Glenneisha “Glenny” Darkins from Miami, FL.  Glenneisha was involved in a traumatic car accident in November of 2010 that severely impacted her four limbs and resulted in her diagnosis of Quadriplegia. In 2014 she wrote and self-published Freedom Chair: An Open Diary of A Quadriplegic and pursued her painting career in 2016. Join Glenneisha to learn about how art and creativity can be more than a hobby.


1. Identify three key points of Glenneisha’s pathway to success

2. Identify any accommodations Glenneisha’s uses for her work

3. Reflect on how Glenneisha identified that her work was a business venture and not a hobby

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