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Talking Circle: Honor, Respect, Sharing, and Learning - 3/2/2022

This virtual event will focus on the purpose and goals of AIVRTTAC talking circles. Talking circles are virtual gatherings, facilitated by AIVRTTAC, in which AIVRS project staff meet to discuss tribal VR practices; share personal expertise and experiences; and identify viable strategies to help tribal members with disabilities obtain successful employment outcomes.


Talking Circle Goals:

  • Participants will learn about the structure, etiquette, and purpose of AIVRTTAC talking circles.
  • Participants will establish a safe and trusting environment to listen, share, learn, and integrate best practices in tribal VR.
  • Participants will acquire new knowledge about information-sharing, peer-to-peer coaching, and developing skills applicable to daily tribal VR activities.
  • Participants will solve common project challenges through integration of traditional native practices, values, and knowledge.


  • Lee Gaseoma, EdD
  • Jamie Emanuel, MS, CRC
  • Wayne Dagel, MS, LCPC

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