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MOVE: A Mentoring and Self-Determination Initiative for African American Males with Disabilities - 10/21/2021

This presentation was provided at the NTACT:C 2021 Capacity Building Virtual Institute (CBVI).

The Virginia Department of Education, in conjunction with I'm Determined, hosts MOVE, a three-day summit on a Virginia college campus, welcoming African-American males with disabilities and their families. To put research into practice, MOVE’s model includes:

·       leadership by youth with disabilities,

·       African-American male leaders and mentors, and

·       parent training

MOVE strives to empower African-American males with disabilities to overcome barriers, become self-determined, and graduate high school, college and be career-ready.  In addition, MOVE provides opportunities for families to become advocates.

The video offers insights into how we have historically made connections with African-American males with disabilities and continued to create access to resources, and empowered the parents through the pandemic.

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