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Understanding the Big Picture: The Connection between Disability and Poverty and Why Financial Capability Matters - 8/31/2021

Despite advances in disability policies and poverty alleviation, youth receiving Supplemental Security Income continue to be marginalized on many levels, including financial deprivation, unemployment and under-employment, and lack of access to critical resources. Through examining the intersection between disability and poverty, this webinar will address myths and share strategies to promote financial capabilities and gainful employment for youth with disabilities living in or near poverty.

Training Objectives: 

  • Increased understanding of the intersection of disability and poverty including the receipt of Social Security Benefits
  • Increased knowledge of most applicable Social Security benefits for youth and associated work incentives
  • Increased understanding of the importance of ongoing Social Security Benefits planning as one part of a larger financial picture
  • Increased knowledge of resources to support financial capability for youth and their families.


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