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A Roundtable Discussion: How an AIVRS Project Can Work with a Reentry Program to Help AIVRS Project Participants with Felony Backgrounds Obtain Employment - 6/30/2021

Formerly incarcerated individuals with a felony conviction face many barriers to successful reintegration and reentry, including lack of opportunities for employment. This roundtable discussion will bring together staff from two American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) projects and the reentry programs they work with, to discuss how to help AIVRS project participants overcome these barriers to obtaining employment. They will also discuss what helped them, as well as best practices in providing VR services to eligible individuals with disabilities. There will also be an opportunity to pose questions to the AIVRS project and reentry program staff during this session.

Objective 1: Provide webinar participants with basic information as well as the best practices of two AIVRS projects with experience working with reentry programs.

Objective 2: Facilitate an in-depth conversation to identify strategies for overcoming barriers to employment such as restrictions and limitations on drug/alcohol use; limited resources and funding; and the challenges of securing housing, including innovative strategies to respond to the housing barriers faced by formerly incarcerated individuals.

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