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Autism and Employment - 6/18/2020

Recorded:  6/18/2020

The VR Development Group is proud to announce an exciting free webinar on autism and employment. Designed for Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Employment Specialists, and young adults (17-24) living with Autism. This webinar will introduce tools to assist people with ASD in obtaining and maintaining employment.

CRCs:  1 credit available


·       Explore tools to advocate for sensory based accommodations

·       Learn strategies for transitioning from to high school to post-secondary education or work

·       Discover MI strategies for working with young adults with Autism

·       Recognize symptoms of common co-occurring mental health conditions in people with ASD

·       Receive tools to prepare young adults with ASD for interviews and employment, disclosure about diagnosis tools

Select the link below to access this recording.

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