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Ensuring People Can Use Computers - More Essential During COVID-19 than Before - 4/8/2021

When: April 8, 2021 3:00 – 4:00 EDT

Our society continues to shift towards a reliance on digital technologies for essential services and social connection. Reducing the digital barriers to employment, healthcare, and daily living directly impacts the quality of life for individuals who are at risk of being left behind: people who find computers too confusing (elders, people with cognitive disabilities, people new to desktop computing, etc.) and those who use assistive technologies (AT).

This presentation will discuss the problems faced by people with low digital affinity and describe efforts to launch a RSA-funded tool called Morphic. Morphic is a unique new open-source developed tool that makes it easier for people to discover, quickly access, and use accessibility features that are built into computers such as increasing text size, magnification, reading aloud text, and adjusting color or contrast. Morphic allows the creation of custom MorphicBars that consolidate key accessibility settings, features, website pages, communication links, and resource materials that users can launch or control with 1-click. Additionally, Morphic allows AT that a person needs to show up on any computer, set up exactly the way they need it.

Morphic Basic is now available to download! For more information visit


A recording of the follow-up Q&A can be accessed at the following link:


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