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Morphic - Making Computers Easier to Use - 1/29/2021

Originally aired December 10, 2020.

Description: This webinar will introduce a new tool for making computers easier to use for those who use assistive technologies - and those who just find computers too confusing (elders, people with cognitive disabilities, people new to desktop computing, etc.).

Morphic is a unique new open-source developed tool that can be used in different ways for people with different needs.

The webinar will describe and demonstrate the capabilities of Morphic. The discussion after the seminar will focus on ways that Morphic can be used - or further developed - to meet the particular needs of ADA Centers and State Tech Act programs. Attendees will be provided with information on how to get a free copy of Morphic Basic or (for those interested) sign up for free trial use of Morphic Plus as part of an early-access beta-test program.

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