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Dear White Interpreters: Perspectives from Deaf Interpreters of Color Module - 4/19/2021

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When: This module will be offered twice, February 1 to February 26 and April 19 to May 28.

Description: While the interpreting profession is currently made up of predominantly white people, Deaf communities are increasingly populated by People of Color (PoC). This workshop shares and explores the insights from 11 Deaf interpreters of color. They explore a variety of questions that provide insight for White interpreters, both Deaf and hearing. Additionally, they share advice for fellow interpreters of color. After viewing this recorded discussion, participants will reflect on the insights shared.

Jerrin George, who was the facilitator for the original conversation with Deaf Interpreters of Color, used the phrase “Dear White Interpreters” as a way to frame the conversation. The use of the title for this module is intended to show respect for those involved in the conversation and the ways they choose to share their insights and perspectives.

Meetings are mostly asynchronous and online via Canvas. Only 25 spots are available per session.

Cost: Free

Application: Application will open at 12pm CST on Friday, January 8, 2021 and conclude on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 11:59p CST. Selected applicants will be notified via email by the close of business on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Certificate of Completion & CEUs:  This activity has been approved for .8 CEUs in professional studies as well as Power Privilege and Oppression. This module assumes some knowledge content.

More information can be accessed at this link:

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