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Pre-Employment Transition Services Data Tool - 12/16/2020

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is pleased to share the Pre-Employment Transition Services Data Tool developed by the RehabData Workgroup. This Data Tool highlights data reported by VR agencies for PYs 2017, 2018 and 2019 and provides National and State-level data related to students with disabilities who received pre-employment transition services. The Data Tool is intended to serve as a resource for VR agencies to analyze these data, compare performance to trends in the VR program nationally and with similar States or other VR agencies.

To introduce the Data Tool and discuss how VR agencies may use it, the RehabData Workgroup recorded this presentation for which the slides are also available.

This represents the second Data Tool the RehabData Workgroup has built following the Measurable Skill Gains Data Tool that we shared in January 2020. The Workgroup is adding PY 2019 performance data to this Data Tool and plans to share the updated version soon.

Please visit the RehabData Workgroup’s webpage for additional resources, including The Other Measures That Matter.

Select the link below to view the recorded presentation.

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