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How To Care For Yourself So You Can Help Others - 6/24/2020

Recorded: 6/24/2020

CRCs: 1 credit available

The VR Development Group is proud to announce an exciting free webinar on how to care for yourself so you can help others. The purpose of our session is to discuss how VR professionals may prepare for the reopening of state economies/government services.  Taking a pulse of your professional life is important to know if you are ready for the next stage. As a nation, we’re all going to experience the resumption of the economy at the same time, but how each of us enter into this new “normal” may affect our ability to provide good service.

Objectives: We will explore ways to be ready, identify if we are dealing with every aspect of life in a positive way and review what skills can we borrow from the world of transition that can suit our “transitioning” to the new normal.


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