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Integrating Labor Market Information and Engaging Employers to Hire Minors: An Overview of PA OVR’s Completed JD-VRTAC Project - 10/4/2016

Date/Time [EST]: 10/04/2016 - 2:00pm

Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (PA OVR) initiated two job-driven projects as part of the Job-Driven VR Technical Assistance Center (JD-VRTAC). For the first project, the results of a preliminary staff survey informed a training curriculum on how to integrate labor market information (LMI) into the VR process. For the second project, the results of a business roundtable helped shape a training curriculum informed a training curriculum on engaging businesses to hire minors.


In this webinar, Sara Gales and Vondol Hammond from PA OVR will provide an overview of their JD-VRTAC projects on LMI and business engagement. They will discuss the goals of this project, how it was implemented, and some accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. Gales and Hammond will also share their experiences as members of the JD-VRTAC Learning Collaborative, and the future direction of their job-driven projects.

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