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Module 2: The Seven Principles of Protactile Language - 4/6/2020

Time: 60 min.

0.1 CEUs,* 1.0 CRCC credits

*Eligible for Power, Privilege & Oppression CEUs.


Presenters: Jelica Nuccio & AJ Granda


Description: Protactile philosophy has grown out of the realization that DeafBlind people’s intuitions about tactile communication are stronger than the intuitions sighted people have. This realization has changed the way DeafBlind people communicate with each other, the way they work with interpreters, and more generally, the way they live. This way of life and the principles and practices that shape it, is called “protactile”. In this module, Jelica and aj granda share the 7 principles of protactile language. This content is meant to provide a basic foundation for future modules that will explore more about the linguistic evolution of this emerging language. This online module addresses the seven principles and parameters of protactile language and builds upon the content from Module 1: The Protactile Movement.


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