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Module 1: The Protactile Movement - 4/6/2020

Time: 60 min.

0.1 CEUs,* 1.0 CRCC credits

*Eligible for Power, Privilege & Oppression CEUs.


Presenters: Jelica Nuccio & aj granda


Description: This online module provides a cultural understanding of the evolution of the protactile movement. Jelica Nuccio and aj granda share the four fundamental components of protactile: history, philosophy, attitude, and language. Key linguistic and cultural values and linguistic differences between protactile language and visual ASL are discussed. This video narrative combines anecdotal stories and personal experiences that highlight the importance of a DeafBlind person’s autonomy, especially in relation to working with interpreters. This content is meant to provide a basic foundation for future modules that will explore more about the linguistic evolution of this emerging language.

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