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DeafBlind Interpreting Module 3: DeafBlind Interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitatoion Settings - 12/30/2019

This online module is an introductory overview to working with DeafBlind persons in Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) settings. The module addresses the purpose of VR services, the VR experience, the importance of understanding VR-specific vocabulary, ethical issues that may arise in VR settings, and resources for interpreters and other professionals who work with DeafBlind persons.
Module #3 Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Vocational Rehabilitation process and foundational philosophy.
  • Identify key components of the Rehabilitation Process, such as employment related services and assistive work technology
  • Develop an understanding of vital vocabulary.
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of interpreters that work in the Vocational Rehabilitation specifically relating to clients that are DeafBlind.
  • Gain a deeper awareness of ethical considerations when working in VR related settings with a client that is DeafBlind
  • Identify resources to further VR interpreting studies


CRCs and CEUs Available

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