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Virginia Career Pathways: A Fully Accessible Approach - 12/9/2019

Join us for the third of a four-part webinar series on Career Pathways. We will share some specific strategies from the Virginia Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities. Items we will address during the webinar include:

  • How the Virginia Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities approach has infused assistive technology to improve credential attainment and employment outcomes for participants.
  • How to identify assistive technology devices used in modern manufacturing, logistics, and information technology or IT, and understand how participants can use these devices in their own agencies.
  • Understanding how self-regulation and sensory assistive technology can help individuals learn and enhance their ability to focus.
  • Understanding how a CPID assistive technology partnership model has been developed for sustainability and how they can use a similar model in their agency.

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