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Training for Transition to the Common Performance Accountability System: Case Service Report (RSA-911) Training Series - 12/31/2019

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), in partnership with the WINTAC, has developed the Case Service Report (RSA-911) Training Series of eight pre-recorded trainings. The purpose of these trainings is to provide technical assistance to help State VR agencies prepare for the implementation of the revised RSA-911 (PD-19-03) effective July 1, 2020. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and the WINTAC are pleased to announce that fourth webinar on Supported Employment Services is now available. The four available webinars include:

  1. Background and Implementation (October 2019)
  2. Reporting Expenditures for VR Services (October 2019)
  3. Pre-Employment Transition Services (November 2019)
  4. Supported Employment Services (November 2019)
  5. Measurable Skill Gains and Credential Attainment (December 2019)
  6. Exit and Post-Exit Data Elements (January 2020)
  7. New Data Elements – Additional “Need to Know” Information (February 2020) 
  8. RSA-911 Information Used in the WIOA Annual Report (February 2020)



RSA and WINTAC plan to offer four more webinars over the next two months. Please visit the RSA or WINTAC websites to access the training series. To request technical assistance related to the RSA-911 or if you have any questions, please email or reach out to your WINTAC contact.


Please select the link below to access this training.

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