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Intro to Deaf/Hearing Teams in Behavioral Health Interpreting - 5/1/2021

Registration will reopen May 1, 2021.


About: One major difference between healthcare interpreting and behavioral health interpreting is that healthcare work assesses the structures of a person’s body, but behavioral health work assesses what is happening in the brain based on language and behavior. It is critical to have the ability to recognize if a person’s language is impacted by behavioral health factors, or factors unique to being deaf. That’s where certified Deaf interpreter (CDI) and certified hearing interpreter (CHI) teams are crucial for good service to consumers.

Teaming successfully in complex situations can be difficult. This webshop discusses why and how we advocate for CDI/CHI teams, then discusses suggestions for effective teaming strategies with the core principles of respect, relationship, trust, and communication.

This webshop:

- Identifies why we should advocate for CDI/CHI teams

- Suggests language for requesting a team

- Offers suggestions for pre/during/post discussions

- Provides role plays that illustrate the pre/post discussion plans

- Suggests further training and resources

This webshop is not comprehensive, and will not make interpreters qualified to do this work, but will lay out a foundation and a path for future training.


Please select the link below to register for this event. (Registration will reopen May 1, 2021).

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