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Braille Training Program Pre-Application Webinar - 5/30/2019

This pre-recorded informational webinar is designed to provide technical assistance to interested applicants for grants under the Rehabilitation Services Administration’s (RSA) Braille Training program competition, under CFDA 84.235E. Specifically, this webinar is designed to highlight pertinent information from the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) to assist the applicants understanding of this competition. 


The recording is designed to supplement the relevant material associated with the competition for which you are applying. Please note that the competition will contain an application kit that will provide additional information about the program. 


We invite all prospective applicants to access this recording and to share with their teams responsible for developing program and financial components of the application.


Please select the link below to access materials associated with this recording.

Please select the link below to view this recording.

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