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Culturally Responsive Practices for Youth and Young Adults with and At Risk for Disabilities - 12/13/2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018 1:30 PM EST

Culturally responsive practices is of paramount importance given the marked demographics shifts in the U.S. population. In order to continue to meet the evolving needs of all students and clients- especially culturally and linguistically diverse youth and young adults with and at risk for disabilities; a greater understanding of equity and inclusion in education is warranted. This session is designed to center the importance of culture in the application of pedagogical and behavioral interventions. We intend to demonstrate how culturally responsive practices can be used to build positive-student teacher and counselor relationships; enhance teacher/counselor-parent collaboration and communication, and foster an inclusive and caring learning environment with high expectations with the goal of positively improving educational and employment outcomes.

Dr. Bettie Ray Butler & Doctoral Fellow Sonja Gadd both from the
Urban Education Collaborative & NTACT at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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