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Pre-Employment Transition Services in Inclusive Higher Education Settings: The What, Where, and How of Good Collaboration - 8/9/2018

The emergence of pre-employment transition services (Pre-ETS) provides an important new avenue for collaboration between VR and institutions of higher education serving students with intellectual disability (ID). Join staff from Think College and the Achieve program at Highline College as we share practical resources, strategies, and examples of how pre-ETS services can be offered via a college program, and how these services can help students with ID explore, and ultimately obtain, competitive integrated employment. 


Session Length: 90 minutes


Session participants will:

1. Learn strategies for effectively partnering with DVR to utilize Pre-ETS funding. 

2. Learn effective approaches for establishing and maintaining relationships with employers, including developing and supporting internships based on student interest. 

3. Learn strategies for developing person-centered career exploration plans with students.



Julie Pollard, ACHIEVE Associate Director

John Traugott, Director, Community & Employment Services

Russ Thelin, Senior Policy Fellow

Meg Grigal, Ph.D. Co-director, Think College


August 9, 2018 - 3:00 PM (EST)

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