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Behavioral Health Interpreting: Specialty Training for Building New Competences for Sign Language Interpreters - 1/22/2018

This Webinar will identify training and support available to produce more qualified American Sign Language-English interpreters available to work with deaf consumers in behavioral health settings. The CATIE Center will detail plans for a series of short, on-demand webshops as well as four online courses focused on interpreting for mental health, addiction and recovery, individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence, and basics of psychopharmaceuticals. All materials, including this info session, are in ASL and English for both deaf and hearing participants.

The U.S. Department of Education funds interpreter education projects to increase the number of skilled interpreters throughout the country who can meet the communication needs of individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and individuals who are deaf-blind. In 2017, RSA awarded four new national projects focused on interpreter training in specialty areas. The CATIE Center invites you to learn more about its field-initiated project in the area of behavioral health interpreting.


The focus of the training materials are for the advancement of ASL interpreters. However, State VR Counselors, Directors and Rehabilitation Partners are encouraged to participate and learn more about how to increase the number of available interpreters in behavioral health settings in their State.  


RID CEUs are available through July 15, 2018 after viewing the webinar and completing the survey.

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