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Abstract Details for Body Language: Talking about the Cardiovascular System in ASL for Hearing Interpreters

This online course is separated into five modules focused on the following topics related to the cardiovascular system: blood pressure, heart attack, aneurysms, angiograms/angioplasty, atrial fibrillation, and the cardiovascular system as a whole. Each module uses a three-step process to ask the interpreter to (1) create an ASL explanation of a topic from information on the topic in written English and visual diagrams, (2) compare their ASL explanations with the work of a certified Deaf interpreter and a certified hearing interpreter, and (3) create another ASL explanation incorporating lessons learned from seeing other examples. The CATIE Center offered this as an learning module for 1.0 CEUs with an estimated time to complete between 10-15 hours. The original development of this resource was funded in a previous grant cycle (RSA grant number H160A100003) and was updated by the Graduation to Certification program to meet the needs of novice interpreters.