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Abstract Details for Interagency Collaboration: The Groundwork Online Module

Learning Objectives By the end of this online training, you will be able to: Session 1: Overview of Interagency Collaboration - Define interagency collaboration - Describe the purpose and importance of interagency collaboration - Identify benefits and name barriers of interagency collaboration Session 2: Interagency Teams & Team Members - Describe the purpose of interagency teams - Identify and describe the different levels of interagency collaboration - List key players on interagency teams - Compare the roles and responsibilities of key players - Evaluate the players on your own interagency team Session 3: Strategies for Facilitating Interagency Teams - List strategies for recruiting team members - Describe strategies for organizing your interagency team - Create a team vision for your interagency team - Develop an action plan for your interagency team - Describe strategies for sustaining an interagency team