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Abstract Details for Mobility Impairments: Implications for Service Providers

The NRTC's IL OIB-TAC has a new FREE course: Mobility Impairments: Implications for Service Providers. A mobility impairment might affect an individual's ability to walk, climb stairs, use their hands, or complete activities of daily living. This course covers numerous health conditions that often cause mobility impairments and suggests safe, collaborative ways to provide blind/vision rehabilitation services. Physical and occupational therapists' roles are reviewed, and suggestions are made for how to work together to provide comprehensive and effective services. Additionally, this course will help individuals identify program participants with mobility impairments for federal reporting. Audrey Demmitt and Trina Bassak wrote this course. It is available for 2 hours of CRC, ACVREP, and NBPCB credit. For questions about this and other NRTC courses, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact Simon Marcy at