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Abstract Details for Self-Advocacy: The Missing Links in ADLs

Where can I get the book When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery? The print copy is available on Amazon. The eBook is available on Google Play. A free copy is available on Hannah’s website. The audiobook is available on Bookshare. The cartridge format is available at some regional Talking Book libraries. The NLS Talking Books number is DBC11619. It is not available on Kindle or Nook. How can I find Hannah’s blog? Are there plans for another book? No, I don’t think so. I do put updates on my story on my blog. Soon I will do a series of very short videos on YouTube. These video titles will all begin with ‘How to…’ As we all know, one of the greatest difficulties for the visually impaired is knowing to whom you are talking. It is embarrassing to ask, ‘Who are you?’ That is the type of topic that I will be addressing in the videos.” – Hannah Fairbairn Have you considered writing a book for family members of those with vision loss? “The book does have short sections that are just for family members. The most active thread on my blog is almost all women married to men who have lost their vision. They talk to each other about the stress and exhaustion they feel and support each other. I feel for them, but it is not my area because I am the person that lost my sight.” – Hannah Fairbairn