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Abstract Details for Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) Promising Practices

Below are all of our CRP Promising Practices for browsing. You can also find specific themes by clicking on these links: - Agency Culture - A shared philosophical belief that integrated employment should be the preferred outcome and that opportunities for employment should be available to everyone interested in working. - Services and service innovation - Optimum use of the resources available to encourage creative employment support strategies; openness to risk-taking and the organizational flexibility to take action when innovation emerges. - Customer focus and engagement - A consistent emphasis on the needs of customers including individuals, families, schools, employers and other community partners. - Communication of goals and expectations - Practices that exemplify shared, multi-level, multi-stakeholder communication as the norm, as well as timely and appropriate communication of core organizational values and message. - Partnerships and collaboration - Emphasis on multi-stakeholder relationships and outreach. - Employment performance measurement - Collection and use of data as a strategic planning tool and for self-assessment to further goals, monitor success and implement changes. - Staff Qualifications and Knowledge - Staff training and opportunities for professional development in evidence-based job placement strategies, up-to-date knowledge of local employment and disability resources, service innovations, employment programs and legislation. - Community Life Engagement - how providers support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to access and participate in their communities outside of employment as part of a meaningful day. - Strategic goals and operating procedures - Policies and goals that clearly communicate expansion of integrated employment as a priority.