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Abstract Details for AIVRS Program Evaluation Checklist

The “AIVRS Program Evaluation Checklist and Example” is intended to aid AIVRS Program Directors/Managers in the development of an evaluation plan specific to their AIVRS Program. This evaluation checklist provides suggestions and items to think about when developing an evaluation plan for your program. Establishing a clear actionable evaluation plan helps program staff (1) identify what types of data they will be collecting and who is responsible for organizing information, (2) establish a consistent method of collecting and analyzing data, (3) identify successes and challenges of their AIVRS Program, and (4) make decisions about program practices based upon the evaluation. As individual AIVRS Programs differ in program design, and to meet the particular needs of respective tribal communities, use of this checklist is designed to help you think about and develop appropriate content for your evaluation plan. The “AIVRS Program Evaluation Checklist and Example” contains the following two sections. - Section 1 is a checklist covering the types of information to consider when developing or refining an AIVRS Program Evaluation Plan. - Section 2 presents an example of an Evaluation Plan that may be included within a grant proposal. The evaluation plan for different programs may look like the example or it might look a little different.