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Abstract Details for Program on Innovative Rehabilitation Training on Employer Engagement (PIRTEE) Innovative Rehabilitation Training Program Topic 5: Employer Engagement Focus

PIRTEE proposes the following: 1. Create 4 comprehensive training modules on employer engagement related topics for professional development (CRC credit) and inclusion in rehabilitation counseling courses. 2. Create 3 companion guides per module (for trainers, faculty, and supervisors & leadership. 3. Train 4 cohorts of 25 per year on each topic (4x25x4yrs=400 trained) and 1 cohort of 25 trainers on using the modules and encouraging applying knowledge and skills into practice. 4. Provide 3 in-person trainings per year at conferences or within state VR agencies. ICI is well positioned for this project, as it builds off toolkits created through the RSA funded.