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Abstract Details for Provision of Pre-employment Transition Services: Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Variation in the First Program Year of Reporting

This brief presents statistics that document vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies’ implementation of pre-employment transition services in the first year that agencies reported on those services. These statistics are relevant to VR agency staff primarily to provide a baseline understanding of how VR agencies nationwide deliver pre-employment transition services. Though the intent of the brief is not to compare individual VR agencies, we offer detailed statistics at the agency level that enable administrators and staff at a VR agency see how other VR agencies deliver pre-employment transition services and compare those methods with their own. The results show that students with disabilities represented a substantial share of the people whom VR agencies serve and that students with disabilities received job exploration counseling and workplace readiness training more frequently than other required services. The variation across VR agencies shows that they are addressing pre-employment transition services differently in who receives them and how agencies deliver services. Important questions remain regarding pre-employment transition services, including the types of activities that make up each service, how students with disabilities benefit from receiving these services, and the effect of these services on agencies’ other client populations.