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Abstract Details for Workforce Innovation Cohort on Disability and Employment: Capstone Tools and Resources

The Cohorts and their capstone tools and resources include: Accessibility Team Cohort: - Guide to Increasing Universal Access in WIOA & Partner Systems: A guide for state and/or local cross-system partners to assess and strengthen their own system’s key drivers needed for change and improvement in universal access.This includes an overview of how five cohort states identified concrete action steps addressing areas in leadership, organizational, or capacity. Customer Service Team Cohort - WIOA Innovation Customer Service Self-Assessment Tool: This self-assessment tool can assist states and/or regions gauge how their existing customer service delivery across WIOA program partners are working and where improvements can be made to be better aligned.This information can be used to help identify staff training needs. - Customer Service Training Plan Framework: A cross-partner training plan framework that outlines the objectives, needs, strategies, and curriculum considerations to be addressed to further increase the capacity of staff providing services. Employer Engagement Team Cohort - Building Business Relationships & Resources: A guide to help identify promising practices, tips, and questions to consider throughout the various stages of a business relationship lifecycle. - Interacting with Businesses: Guiding Questions Protocol: A guide for front-line staff that provides sample responses and resources for business services representatives to reference as they respond to commonly asked questions by businesses. - Measuring the Success of Communications with Businesses: A guide for developing meaningful and data-driven metrics for success when working with businesses.