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Abstract Details for VR & Youth RRTC Fast Fact: Characteristics of Students that Attended Transition and Postsecondary programs for Students with Intellectual Disability (TPSIDs) by VR Partnership Status

In 2014–2015, TPSID projects were implemented at 52 institutions of higher education and enrolled 734 students with intellectual disability and/or autism in post-secondary education. Collaboration with external agencies was a critical component in these programs. Seventy-seven percent (40/52) of these TPSIDs partnered with VR agencies, and 83% of the 734 students attending programs were at campuses that partnered with VR. Partnership roles of the VR agency varied but were most often directed at providing career development and employment services or serving on project advisory committee; however, not all students attending the programs were VR clients (Grigal & Smith, 2016). This Fast Fact describes students enrolled in TPSIDs in 2014–2015, and shares differences in demographics based on whether or not their TPSID program partnered with a state VR agency.