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Abstract Details for Center for Workplace Mental Health

The Center for Workplace Mental Health exists to help employers create a more supportive workplace environment for their employees and advance mental health policies at their organizations. We aim to be a practical resource to help employers improve workforce mental health in numerous ways—from addressing stigma and increasing awareness about mental health and mental illnesses, to ensuring that company health, mental health, and disability management programs are designed and managed to produce the best possible outcomes. It's our mission to promote awareness of mental health in the workplace and encourage employers to make positive change in the lives of their employee, while also benefitting their organization as a whole. We provide useful information and resources to help in making the case for improved policies and program management. Visit our Making the Business Case page for more information about how investing in workplace mental health is good for business. The Center works with companies across all industries to advocate for better workplace mental health. Here are some of the specific ways you can get involved: • Learn more about mental health and how it affects employers through our resources and topic pages. • Learn what other companies are doing to prioritize mental health in the workplace. • Share your story! What are you doing to address mental health, and what are your results? • Sign up to receive our Mental Health Works newsletter. • Participate in our webinars and events. • Use our ICU and Right Direction programs at your workplace, or develop your own and share it with our community. This site also has a depression calculator, mental health calculator and substance use disorder calculator to estimate the financial impact on companies.