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Abstract Details for General Information for RSA Discretionary Grant Competitions - FY2019

The following four webinars cover general information about RSA grant competitions and are designed to supplement, not supplant, the relevant material associated with specific competitions. Please note that each competition will contain an application package with specific information about that program. RSA invites all prospective applicants to access these webinars and to share them with their teams responsible for developing and the program and financial components of the application. The webinars are linked together on a playlist. However, you may access them in any order. - General Information for RSA Discretionary Grant Competitions Overview - An overview that includes the Secretary’s Priorities, the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (referred to as OSERS) Framework, and the Rehabilitation Services Administration (referred to as RSA) Discretionary Grants. - General Application Instructions and TA - Covers Application Instructions and technical assistance. Topics include the Common Application Instructions, Data Universal Numbering System (referred to as D-U-N-S), System for Award Management (referred to as SAM),, Uniform Administrative Guidance and technical assistance, and the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (referred to as EDGAR). - General Application Highlights - Highlights a few items contained in the Common Application such as the Standard Form (referred to as SF) 424. Project Abstract, ED 524 Budget Worksheet, Government Performance Reporting and Accountability (referred to as GPRA), Program Objectives and Performance Measures form, Indirect Cost Calculations and Cost Share and Match. - Other Information - Covers Selection Criteria, Specific Conditions for Disclosing Federal Funding in Public Announcements, the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (referred to as NCRTM) and a few more reminders.