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Abstract Details for Resources for Dropout Prevention for Students with Disabilities

Dropping out of school is not an isolated event . It is a process that may begin as early as elementary school (Ensminger & Slusarcick, 1992; Barrington & Hendricks, 1989; Kaufman & Bradby, 1992) and strong predictors of dropout identified by the end of 6th grade (Balfanz & Herzog, 2005; 2006). However, there are also variables correlated with dropping out of school that can be altered. NTACT is charged with increasing the knowledge and skills of state and local educators and vocational rehabilitation service providers to deliver evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices to reduce the dropout rate and increase graduation rate of all students with disabilities. As part of this work, NTACT will assist State and Local Education Agencies to use early warning intervention systems (EWS). Additional data collection and use resources, specific to graduation and dropout are available in the Data Analysis and Use section of NTACT's website.