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Abstract Details for VR Toolkit for SSI Youth:Tips, checklists, and tools to support successful work outcomes for SSI youth

As you prepare youth to join the workforce of tomorrow, access to reliable and accessible information about benefits and earnings is essential—as is access to qualified benefits and work incentive planners. That's what the Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioner’s Just-in-Time Toolkit is about. Each of the ten tools are based on information most essential to assist you in supporting youth who receive disability benefits and their families in navigating a path toward successful employment and includes specific knowledge needed to support a youth, and takes about five to ten minutes. If you choose, each tool also contains other links to test your knowledge, print out a one-page sheet of reminders or pursue further resources. 1. Understanding the Basics of SSI and Appeals 2. The Medical Continuing Disability Review and the Age 18 Redetermination 3. How Income and Resources Impact SSI Eligibility and Payment Amount 4. Using SSI Work Incentives to Create Economic Safety Nets and Pathways to Work 5. Special Work Incentives for Youth – the Student Earned Income Exclusion 6. How Earnings Impact Medicaid 7. Supporting Asset Development and Accumulation 8. Supporting Effective Decision Making 9. Supporting and Engaging Families Effectively 10. Assisting Youth in Transitioning to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Program