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Abstract Details for Becoming a Peer Reviewer for RSA Discretionary Grants

This presentation at the National Council on Rehabilitation Education Fall 2018 focused on the roles and responsibilities of peer reviewers in the competition of RSA grants, the process currently used to review grants, how to get on the list of potential reviewers, and other related information. Do you want to learn about the peer review process? Do you know how your grants are peer reviewed? Have you served as a peer reviewer in the past and want to stay on the list of potential peer reviewers? Do you want to become a peer reviewer for the first time? Peer reviewers may be needed in FY 2019 and FY 2020 for a variety of RSA grant competitions, such as Braille Training, Parent Training and Information, Rehabilitation Long-Term Training, Rehabilitation Short-Term Training, Innovative Rehabilitation Training, Training and Technical Assistance Centers, Demonstration and Training, etc. RSA is always looking for peer reviewers who understand vocational rehabilitation and training.