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Abstract Details for Innovative Strategies Profile: Civicorps in Oakland, CA

ivicorps is a school district approved high school diploma and job training program for youth, including those with disabilities, ages 18-26. Students begin the program in the Academy, focusing on the academic coursework to earn their high school diploma. Students enter the program with varying levels of academic preparedness, so all students are given support and resources to be able complete their coursework at their own pace. After completing their academic coursework, participants transition to the Job Training Program. Through Civicorps’ Environmental Management Social Enterprise, participants work with 11 public agencies on environmental enhancement and mitigation projects, enabling them to gain valuable work skills, soft skills, and industry-recognized tool certifications while earning an income. As students graduate from the program, they are supported by the Civicorps program throughout their first year in getting connected to the workforce and postsecondary education and training. The Civicorps Pathways Coordinator connects graduating students to internships, pre-apprenticeships, or apprenticeships that align with their career goals and provides support as they are transitioning out of the Civicorps program. The Civicorps College Counselor helps students connect with postsecondary institutions that will enable them to achieve their goals.