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Abstract Details for VR Agency Best Practices: Paving the Way for Increased Competitive Employment

• Outsourcing non-core duties to let counselors provide essential services. • Building business relationships as part of a dual-consumer (employer and potential employee) approach. • Using cloud-based software that enables all employees to share and learn from each other. • Providing work incentive benefits counseling to all consumers who qualify for services. • Using rapid response cycles to build on consumer interest, quickly provide services, and prepare consumers for work. These are just a few of the best practices used by VR agencies that result in increased competitive employment for consumers. Researchers identified 29 best practices that promote successful employment outcomes. They found that agencies that use at least some of the identified promising best practices shift focus from process to consumer needs and cultivate an environment of innovation. Use of these practices enable practitioners to provide services that pave the way for successful, lasting, and positive consumer outcomes.