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Abstract Details for About The Career Index Plus (TCI+)

The Career Index Plus includes: - Salary information: The latest state and local salary data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics. - Job Trends and Projections: the latest employment projections available from the State Labor Market Information Division as well as 5-year job posting trends showing you which way the market is moving for the particular occupation. - Current Job Openings: TCI+ has more than 6 jobs updated in real-time. It even includes e-mail alerts summarizing new postings for your selected occupation and area on a daily basis. It has jobs from employers who are actively hiring people with disabilities and veterans. It even provides direct access to parts of the huge "hidden" job market. - License Requirements and Certifications: - Education and Experience Requirements: typical, related work experience and educational level required for each occupation, including OJT information and typical qualification statements, job zone levels and more. - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: including work activities, work context, tasks, tools, work styles and work values from O*NET 15. TCI+ has invented a new way of displaying this information that makes it easier to determine if a certain disability may require job modifications or prevent someone from succeeding in this job. - Related Training Programs: The Career Index Plus contains more than 200,000 training programs linked to occupations and displayed on a convenient map. It includes information on costs, accreditation, graduation rates, financial aid and much more. TCI+ has a host of tools to personalize the career search for individuals, including: - A Holland Interest Inventory (that can be completed in less than 10 minutes!) - Full-fledged, O*NET-based transferrable skills analysis - Career ladders and educational level selections - An SSI and SSDI benefits calculator - A customized "Fit" analysis that analyses variables relating to viability and suitability based upon the user's profile