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Abstract Details for Module 4: Professional Ethics in Rehabilitation Counseling

A command of the mandatory standards found in the Code of Professional Ethics for Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (the Code) serves as a prerequisite foundation to ethical conduct for all Certified Rehabilitation Counselors. The primary purpose of this module is to achieve the requirements stated within L.1.: To ensure new counselors begin with a command of the shared, required, ethical standards of their profession. This includes references made within the Code to external requirements (e.g. knowledge of and access to an ethical decision making model, knowledge of the CRCC ethical complaint process, and consultation in ethical dilemmas). This module can also help refresh the experienced counselor with up-to-date information as new revisions to the Code are published. A secondary purpose of this module is to familiarize and encourage counselors to adopt a principled aspirational approach within their own career long ethical development process.