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Materials in the archive are from the previous version of the NCRTM and may not be accessible for individuals with certain types of disabilities. Many of these materials were developed prior to the federal Section 508 law which requires information and communication technology (ICT) to be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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Ticket to Work Program: An Aligned Mission with WIOA

WorkforceGPS, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor | Published 9/12/2018 | WorkforceGPS, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

The Ticket to Work program provides individuals with disabilities receiving disability benefits opportunities to return to work, stay employed and increase earnings. As a result, beneficiaries with disabilities may reduce their dependency on public benefits and become more economically self-sufficient. This webinar focuses on how Ticket to Work operates and the different partnership models now available consistent with the goals of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
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Partnership Plus RSA Funded - Full or Partial RSA Technical Assistance Center

WINTAC, CSAVR, E3 Targeted Communities | Published 4/4/2018 | WINTAC

The WINTAC, CSAVR, and E3 Targeted Communities (E3TC) are collaborating to support VR Agencies who would like to develop/expand and implement a Partnership Plus model that works for their state. Partnership Plus can expand a state’s capacity to provide long-term supports resulting in an enhanced ability to address the dynamic and often complex needs of Social Security beneficiaries. An effective Partnership Plus model can position Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies as a key player in collaboration with core and community partners consistent with the vision of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Benefits of Partnership Plus for State VR Agency
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