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Turning Labor Market Facts into Labor Market Information: LMI’s Effectiveness for Vocational Rehabilitation RSA Funded - Full or Partial RSA Technical Assistance Center

Katie Allen, Doug Keast, Rick Kugler, Joe Marrone, Kartik Trivedi | Published 1/18/2018 | Job-Driven Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center (JD-VRTAC)1 , Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC), and Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Demand-Side Strategies (RRTC on Demand Side Strategies)

This ReviewVR Brief highlights common LMI practices from state VR agencies (SVRAs) that participated in the Community of Practice, Turning Labor Market Facts into Labor Market Information. The information in this brief comes from CoP discussions and JD-VRTAC and WINTAC technical assistance experience. This brief also features challenges and limitations of LMI, provides recommendations for VR agencies regarding LMI, and offers questions for further consideration.
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