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Request a Peer Review of Your Submission

At your request, a material you submit may be considered for peer review. If selected three anonymous peers will review it and provide feedback on its importance, quality and usefulness.

While your materials in the NCRTM Library can be rated by website visitors on a five-star scale, NCRTM’s peer review system allows for more rigor and accountability for the quality and relevance of your materials.

Benefits of Requesting a Peer Review

  • Receive recognition (with an NCRTM quality icon) that your material was deemed to be of high quality through an NCRTM peer review.
  • Users can choose to refine their results to locate NCRTM peer reviewed items.
  • Independent review can validate the value of your materials to your funders.
  • If a material is not recommended by the panel, there will be no indication to NCRTM users that it was not approved. However, the feedback will also be valuable to help you improve the material, and you will have the option to resubmit the material after addressing peer reviewer comments.

You can request a peer review of your material when you submit it. Submit your material.